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- MoMo #43 Proximity/Location-based Services – From Big data to Commerce – November 30, 2015


Date: 30th November 2015, starting at 18:30
hosted by  Uepaa AG, Seefeldstrasse 301 A, 8008 Zürich
Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/62J2GN3

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Event Teaser: Billions of people cross each other every day, creating trillions of possible discoveries. And yet, we still cannot make too much sense of those ephemeral contacts. The advent of smartphones combined to location-based technologies give rise to many services such as Fourquare, Yelp and more recently Tinder. But what is next and yet to be achieved with location-based or proximity services? How can we make sense of location and proximity data? Discuss the impact of forthcoming technologies and and how it already impacts many sectors from retail to big data to real-time marketing.

Speakers and presentations

- Uepaa AG – Franck Legendre – CTO

Franck is the brain behind our core technologies and is constantly pushing us forward on the technological edge of mobile p2p. Before founding Uepaa, Franck was a senior research and lecturer at ETH Zürich where he led research on wireless networking.

In his presentation, Franck will talk how with peer2peer technology apps immediately understand their proximity to nearby devices and users, verify their identity, and exchange information with them. He will also give examples of mobile apps that have full proximity awareness, anywhere, even on the moon.

- U-Blox – Ezra Stein (Product Manager wireless modules)
Ezra joined u-blox in 2009 just after their highly successful IPO, he was hired to drive their newly  stablished mobile modules product line. U‑blox is a global leader in wireless communications and positioning semiconductors and modules for the industrial, automotive and consumer markets. Ezra has been at the forefront of mobile technology and development since the early days of mobile. In the 90s working as PM for Motorola in the area of Private Mobile Radio. He then joined Sunrise where he was responsible for developing mobile broadband services and in particular the 3G rollout. Ezra has an engineering degree from Tel Aviv University and a Masters from University of Houston

In his presentation, Ezra will talk about how the u-blox modules powers all different kinds of devices and applications, with interesting real customer examples. He will also touch upon where the technology and trends are going.

- Aduno Group – Tobias Wirth, Head Digital Products, Senior Member of the Management

Tobias is responsible for the digital payment strategy and product development/management of digital payment products for Viseca Card Services SA which is part of Aduno Group. He is also Founder and Member of the Board of swiss mobile association (smama) and a lecturer of mCommerce and mMarketing at HWZ and ZHAW. Before joining Aduno Tobias was Senior PM E-/M-Commerce and Associate Director at SIX. Before that Tobias was Senior PM for Mobile Portal and VAS at Sunrise, in the days when the operators were driving the mobile business. Tobias has a Business Administration and Marketing degree from Zurich.

In his presentation Tobias will talk about how contactless, proximity and location technologies are revolutionizing the payment landscape.

- Beat Sommerfelder – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Analytics & Data-management practice

Beat Sommerhalder has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry in various senior management positions at the largest international IT and telecommunications companies. Since April 2014 he has led the Analytics and Data Management practice, providing a variety of innovative analytics/marketing services to companies/organisations wishing to leverage their data and find new value. In addition, he acts as a lecturer and guest speaker at a Business School of Sales and Marketing.

In his presentation Beat will discuss how analytics can influence and drive the (mobile) customer-journey in a variety of sectors.

- Swisscom – Michał Piórkowski Head of Mobility Insights

Michal is leading the team of Data Scientists & Big Data / Software Engineers, focused on providing services built on top of mobility insights. Before joining Swisscom he worked as senior analyst at Yahoo building a fully-automated bidding agent. He has his PhD from EPFL where he also worked as a Researcher, analyzing large scale mobility patterns and devising scalable communication protocols.

In his presentation Michael will talk about how analysing the big mobility data from cell users can provide amazing insights.


Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/B2XXH93