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MoMo #39: Mobile R&D and Innovation on 1st of December 2014 in Geneva

Date: 1st of December 2014

Venue: TBC, Geneva

Start time: 18h00

Every entrepreneur in the mobile sector knows that innovation is a key point to include in the global business strategy, that it is what allows the company to grow or to differentiate from the competitors, and sometimes even to survive. But how to innovate when you don’t have an R&D department, when you don’t have the necessary money to invest, and when you are not strong enough to protect your future innovations? It’s possible. And any mobile entrepreneur, no matter how big his business his, can do it. During this Mobile Monday, some entrepreneurs will show you how they make profit from their mobile innovation. And before that, two research entities, the University of Geneva as well as the Icare Institute, will explain how to set up a research project and be founded to realise it. In other words, how to get your mobile R&D offered to you!

Future Upcoming Events

Win a ticket to Swiss Mobicamp! – November 6, 2014

Swiss Mobicamp, Switzerland’s pre-eminent mobile event is returning to Bern on 6th November and explores ‘What’s on the horizon for Mobile’?

tw_smc2014_pcard_fr_v2-1Mobile has evolved into a horizontal enabler, creating opportunities for innovation in many industries across the globe. This autumn at Mobicamp they will investigate how mobile talent, resources and knowledge can influence and disrupt areas such as Connected CarsThe Internet of Things, , mHealth, mobile payments and wearable computing, in turn creating sustainable revenue opportunities.

Mobicamp features over 15 international speakers including one of the industry’s most respected analysts, trusted by the likes of Amazon, Mozilla, Google & Intel. He will be joined by a diverse range of speakers including one of the world’s leading industrial designers, the editor of the only dedicated website to wearable technology, as well as Vodafone’s former global head of mHealth.  Knowledge and insights are shared via their signature blend of high octane keynotes, interactive workshops, 1-1 sessions and extensive networking opportunities.

As a proud partner, we’ve negotiated a 10% discount off tickets for our members to this great event. Just use the code MoMoCH when you register. In addition one lucky MoMo Switzerland member who uses this promo code will get their ticket reimbursed if they tweet using the #mobicamp hashtag. The winner will be announced at the next Mobile Monday in Zurich on 13th Oct. Good luck! www.mobicamp.ch


- MoMo #40 – Mobile Sales & Digital Mobile Marketing

How are Mobile and Cloud technologies changing the way sales people work, and how they can create and accelerate success and value for their customers and for their business?
Explore the fusion of traditional marketing withthe use of mobile technologies in creating and delivering personalised, impactful marketing messages based on context aware, individual, historic and location based information. Showcase leading edge practitioners as well as leading edge technology providers in creating the forefront in Digital Mobile Marketing. Discuss the impact of the evolution of enabling technologies such as iBeacons, Analytics and how it impact retail from a vendor and consumer perspective.


- MoMo #41 – Mobile Music / Media / Content

What is driving the change in how we consume and interact with Media, Music and other content such as gaming – and howare our usage patterns and preferences changing as a result of mobile (smart phones and tablets) being a constant part of our lives, with always on connectivity and ability to consume and interact with different content?


We are now looking for speakers for all these  upcoming events, so please send us your suggestions to info@mobilemonday.ch and let’s help each other to put together new exciting MobileMonday events for the coming months. Thanks for your support