MoMo #26, NGN and LTE/4G

Quick summary: During this event, you will learn of the different faces of NGN and LTE (4G). From the ISP infrastructure side to the end-user application, via the market drivers, 6 speakers over 4 presentations will run you through these different concepts and business models. When: September 26th, 2011. Registration from 18h, starts at 18h30. Where: Fribourg, The Safe Gallery, Blv de Pérolles 1 (under the BCF Banque Cantonale de Fribourg, 100m from the train station). Speakers:

Alexander Gellner, Head of Marketing, Region Western and Central Europe For Ericsson
Sanne Stijve, Senior Sales Engagement Manager, Mobile Broadband Practice @ Ericsson AG

Next-generation networks are starting to be rolled out everywhere – mobile networks are being upgraded with LTE, and new fiber networks are already in the ground in many countries and cities. Is this merely another wave of technological innovation, or is it driven by real end-user demand? What do we need these networks for? How can network operators make money in spite of the huge investments they have to take for building them? Who will benefit most from these networks? Alexander has 15 years of experience in the ICT market. He started his career at Gartner doing strategic consulting work in the ICT industry; this was followed by a total of 7 years at mobile operators Telefonica in Germany and Orange in Switzerland where he had responsible positions in Market Intelligence and Consumer Marketing. At Ericsson, Alexander was in charge of Strategic Marketing and Business Development in Switzerland and now heads up the Marketing department in Western and Central Europe.

With his extensive expertise in radio access technologies, Sanne helps operators across Europe with the evolution of their mobile access networks: how to cope with ever-increasing demand for capacity, how to improve speeds and performance, how to handle new devices such as smartphones and tablets, how to maximise revenues or reduce OPEX are among his favourite topics.

Ludovic Fournier, Senior Strategy Manager, SCS-NIT-GV-ATS-NTW at Swisscom

His presentation will talk about LTE, the new technology after UMTS. Swisscom did test performances and limitations of LTE in real conditions and is now presenting the challenges. Ludovic is Senior Technological Strategy Manager at Swisscom. He focuses on Mobile networks evolution. He contributed to the deployments of public WiFi (PWLAN) and 3G networks, optimizing customer satisfaction and increasing competitive advantage in mobile broadband.
He has worked in research, innovation and strategy at Ericsson and Swisscom.
He holds an MSc in mobile communications and an EMBA.

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO of Morphean
Sylvain Egger, Software Engineer at Morphean

Their presentation will talk about Video Surveillance and Digital Signage, two applications that require large bandwidth and will consume much more in the coming future. What are the challenges today and how can 4G solve this? Rodrigue Zbinden completed his HES Engineer degree by an Executive MBA and is a passionate of technology and ICT. He created few enterprises in this ICT industry and he is involved in few innovative projects. Rodrigue is the CEO of Morphean and Softcom Technologies SA, a software company with 35 persons.

Sylvain Egger with his HES Engineer degree became quickly a clever software architect and developer. He is a passionate of Innovation and on the latest software technologies.

Matthias Sala, CEO of Gbanga

HTML5 has become a major trend in the web sphere in general and in the mobile area in particular. There is not only a demand for standardized and uniformed website development to reduce complexity and cost, but also the need to reach as many mobile users without having to implement native apps for highly proprietary platforms. While native apps have the advantage to work fully offline on a device, HTML5 web apps require a more reliable and fast data network like 4G. This is especially true for entertainment purposes like in multiplayer games. In his talk, Matthias presents how modern apps can work completely in the browser and what impact that has on the underlying data network. Matthias Sala designs games that blur fiction with reality. He founded Gbanga in 2007 to develop an innovative mixed-reality gaming platform for mobile phones, with a focus on bringing the excitement and immersion of console game to everyday situations. The platform and games running on Gbanga have since been nominated for international game award. Matthias studied computer science at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Stellenbosch University. He did research at Siemens Smart Home Lab and at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto with projects including activity-based advertising and RFID-supported recycling. Besides working at Gbanga, Matthias organizes industry events such as the SuperHappyDevFlat and StartupCamp Switzerland. He is also a founding member and president of the International Game Developer Association’s (IGDA) Swiss Chapter and founding member of Mobile Monday Switzerland. He won the Sentient Future Award and the Swiss venture leaders’ prize.

Download presentations:

- HTML5 LTE Mobile web apps and games require fast and responsive networks
- LTE @MobileMonday Fribourg 20110926 v1.5
- Mobile Monday 260911 Ericsson Alexander Sanne_final


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