MoMo #23: Augmented Reality Experienced and Explored

In March 2010 Mobile Monday conducted a special Mobile AR “Hands on” event.

Since then, the domain of AR has rapidly expanded, reaching far beyond the GPS-only “Show Me” applications and on many more platforms. Mobile Augmented Reality is reaching all domains and virtually everyone has heard and read about the capability to have fun and learn using AR, even if they don’t call it by its geeky name!

Mobile Monday Switzerland, through a special collaboration with the Swiss Augmented Reality Meetup Group will be treated to another highly interactive event featuring the latest developments in the area of Mobile AR.

Format: As part of the meeting, we will “revisit” all the applications which we saw in March 2010plus we will invite andintroduce providers of all the new services operating in Switzerland. Prior to the meeting there will be a list of all the services participating which can be seen (and downloaded on smartphones before the event).

Beginning at 16h00, on the EPFL Polyterrasse, we will have a showcase of applications and exciting experiences to share with everyone.

Participate in selecting a winner: During the Mobile Monday Switzerland event, we will conduct a contest to select the best Mobile AR application, based on voting by the Mobile Monday Switzerland attendees. Winner to receive a prize.

To showcase your application or to request that a service be shown, please contact Christine Perey at

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