General Assembly #2

in conjunction with MoMo#14 meeting

When: Date April 12th 2010 at 18:30Â to 19:00

Location: Swisscom AG, Genfergasse 14, CH-3000 Bern

Format for this meeting:

As per Mobile Monday bylaws, the second General Assembly of the Mobile Monday Association was held. The meeting was followed by a regular MoMo event. Minutes of the meeting and signed attendance sheet are posted here. Anual report presentation is posted here.


  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the minutes of the General Assembly #1 of March 2009
  3. Annual report of the president
  4. Financial report of the treasurer and auditor, budget for 2010
  5. Discharge of the Managing Committee and the auditor
  6. Approval of the budget for 2010 and annual membership fee
  7. Resignations of current members and election of new members in the Managing Committee
  8. Appointment of an auditor
  9. Proposals on the agenda tabled by the Managing Committee or by members : If you have individual proposals to include the agenda, send them by e-mail 1 week before the meeting to


  • Bylaws
  • Minutes of the General Assembly #1 March 2, 2009
  • Annual report 2009
  • Financial report 2009 and budget 2010
  • Minutes of the General Assembly, April 2010
  • Presentation at the General Assembly 2010
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