MoMo #3: Mobile application platforms

When : October 6th, 2008

Where: Swisscom, Ostermundigen, Bern


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Question addressed by presentations :

With the availability of mobile browsers, widgets, new visual application environments, ODPs, and multiple operating systems, the choice of mobile platforms has never been greater. Where do you put your money for the most reach? Is it possible to adopt one approach or do you need to consider more than one in parallel? What are the relative advantages to each of these hold, both from a technical and a business perspective?

Panel discussion: Mobile Platforms: Too many choices? Linux/Android or LiMo; Nokia/Symbian Foundation; Windows Mobile/Silverlight; Flash/Open Screen; Mac OS/iPhone? Speakers knowlegeable about these various ecosystems exchanged with the audience.


Tim Haysom,

Mobile web environments
Taking the success of web 2.0 applications to the mobile device will enable a whole host of new services for mobile customers. It will also enable a massive body of developers who have never developed for mobile devices to start writing applications for mobile users. However, development of consistent web APIs to the more sensitive mobile features such as messaging, location and call logs have been difficult due to lack of standardization. The security is also a key issue. The OMTP BONDI initiative seeks to tackle these problems and enable mobile web applications, thus opening up great new service possibilities.
Tim has spent over 17 years in the mobile telecoms industry, working on the standardization of the GSM system, handset design, innovation and strategy roles. Tim has extensive knowledge in the areas of technology evaluation, business case development, due diligence and the overall environment of the global mobile telecoms, media and internet industry. He participates as a speaker at industry conferences and is a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. Tim holds a B.Eng. degree in Electronics from the University of Southampton.

Sebastian Wohlrapp

iPhone application environment Slides
We will discuss application development for the iPhone and how open source and solution assembly can help leverage synergies with other platforms.
Sebastian is a Director at Optaros, focusing on the Telco Practice. Previously, he lead the CMS/ECM Practice in Europe. He has over 10 years of experience in software development, technical project and delivery management. Before joining Optaros, he worked at Novell.
Blog and Optaros

Martin Gafner
Puzzle ITC

Opensource application environments
Together with his colleague Andreas Zuber, they will present development experience on Openmoko and Neo Freerunner phone.
Martin is project manager and Linux system engineer with 13 years experience. He has a telecom engineering degree in Telecommunications from HTL Chur.

Reto Senn
COO Bitforge

Mobile application fragmentation Slides
Reto will discuss various aspects of fragmentation of mobile applications (including Java ME, Android and iPhone native applications) and the current state-of-the-art in tackling it to achieve maximum reach.
Reto has developed software for mobile devices for more than six years. In 2004, he co-founded Bitforge together with Andreas Hí¼ppi. Bitforge has developped mobile software for customers like Swisscom, Orange and Minick. Reto has an engineering degree in computer science(Dipl. Inf. Ing. FH).

Nicolai Finke
Product Manager
Esmertec AG

Mobile Java status and future
Nicolai will give an update on the current status of mobile Java and outline a potential future. He´ll talk about Esmertec´s position in the mobile industry and the experiences gathered in building Java Virtual Machines and other mobile applications.
At Esmertec, Nicolai’s working areas are mobile execution environments (JVMs, Android etc.) and applications (MMS, IM etc). Nicolai has a computer science degree from the University of Hildesheim.
About Esmertec

Claude Florin

Introduction Slides
Claude gave an introduction on the key industry trends in mobile environments and question to be addressed by the speakers. He invited Swiss start-ups to Mobile Mondays peer awards. At HP, he is marketing manager for Communication solutions, responsible for user experience and emerging applications worldwide. Blog, HP Communications and media solutions

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