About Android, tablets and the misterious future of mobile.

With the latest news about Adobe not developing anymore Flash for mobile devices (although they still have in their pocket a version to be released soon), the mobile market faces an interesting period, where many things are not yet clear. Android is gaining momentum and market share, but at the same time that starts to show that it doesn’t behave as a unified OS as it has so many flavors and different versions that’s good to check which version comes with each device before deciding what Android phone to buy.

Apple’s iPhone 4S is selling really good, and despite the fact that it’s not an iPhone 5, with Siri (officially in Beta) they seem to have opened once again a new door regarding how to use devices. Time will tell if Google’s answer (Iris) will be a decent competitor for it.

In the universe of tablets, Samsung’s strong argument was to be able to show Flash content, but that will not be a good argument anymore as per Adobe’s announcement and stronger support for HTML 5. On other hand BlackBerry’s Playbook has not yet proved to be the preferred one by business users, so once again it looks that the iPad will continue to lead this new segment. No one knows how well prepared was Apple for Steve Jobs early departure, and if they’ll be able to keep the mystic and magic their users see.

In the meantime we can dream on what Christmas gifts Santa will bring, hoping his funds are not in jeopardy with the global crisis.

Ignacio Adrogué

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