MoMo #30 – Mobile Commerce and Banking

Co-organized with MBA Alumni HEC Lausanne.

Preliminary Agenda, April 23rd 2012

Venue: Auditorium CM5, EPFL, Lausanne NEW LOCATION!

Time: registration from 18h, starts at 18h30, Aperitif & Networking from 20h

Mobile Commerce and Banking 
Mobile commerce was born in 1997 when the first mobile-phone enabled Coca Cola vending machines (accepting payment via SMS text messages) were installed in the Helsinki area in Finland. In the same year, the first mobile-phone-based banking service was launched by Merita Bank of Finland, also using SMS. (It was only in 1998 when the first sales of digital content to mobile phones was made possible)

Now to 2012 – Mobile Commerce and Banking continues to grow. Mobile Monday Switzerland has invited some industry-leading speakers to present their products and strategies, and to give an update on state of the industry. Join us on April 23rd for what promises to be a very interesting event.

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Bogdan Iancu and Xavier Blanc, BCV
BCV, Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, is the third-largest cantonal bank and has launched their mobile presence in December 2011. BCV will give you an insight into their strategy, target platforms, launch feedback and key figures after 4 months of existence. Bogdan and Xavier will also discuss the way mobile is influencing the banking world in terms of customer interaction and internal collaboration

André Burri, Swissquote Bank
André will share his experience about the security issues for accessing the user’s account and the trading features. The biggest issue is to gain the confidence of the customer and also make it fast, simple and easy for him.

Marc Barbezat, Founder & Editor of b3b
Mobile banking, a new (critical) experience for banks. Mobiles are now part of our lives and have been definitively adopted all around the world. They change the way we use information and interact with each others, whatever it is a person or a company. In this second category, banks are now facing a real new challenge to find and assert their place in this new fast moving world crowded with many new players.
This presentation highlights major trends for mobile and banking services that need to be correctly merged in order to be a successful story.

André Lambelet, samy4me
During this meeting, André will present samy4me – a mobile marketing solution – and share his experience and vision of the future in digital and mobile marketing, focused towards the retail industry.

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