MoMo #36: Mobile Health & Wearables

When: May 5, 2014 in Zurich

Where: AG, Konradstrasse 12-14, 8005 Zürich

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Intro by MobileMondays Switzerland:


INTRODUCTION: Mobile technologies and solutions is rapidly changing the way we live, work and play, and the power of innovation in the form of apps, sensors and wearable technology is now becoming real in many existing and new domains and use cases.
Google Glass, wristbands and Smart Watches are only the beginning of the next wave of mobile innovation. Many market researchers, investors and technology & app developers believe that the emerging areas of wearables and IoT is indeed the “next big thing” with borders blurring between apps, sensors and devises.


- Sanovation, Noa Stemmer-Holtz

Noa Stemmer-Holtz is working in marketing and research for the Swiss start-up Sanovation AG. Her background is a wild mix of studies in sociology, communication and design. What actually brought her to Sanovation was the masters’ thesis in the field of visualizing pain quality and since then she passionately embraces every task at hand to improve and promote the start-up and its mobile health products.

About her talk: The Swiss start-up Sanovation AG develops the electronic pain diary CatchMyPain. The CatchMyPain app allows patients to visualize and monitor their pain by creating detailed drawings and by tracking other relevant information. It helps to understand the pain, explain it and evaluate treatment success. Furthermore, based on the diaries, groups of similar patients are identified. This enables pain sufferers to learn from others who have the same problem.

- Bitsplitters, Samuel Welten
Samuel Welten has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich and has done a lot of research in the area of smartphone-based sensing. In 2013 he founded the startup Bitsplitters that focusses on developing and marketing wearable UV Awareness Systems.

About his talk: Skin cancer prevalence has been increasing worldwide over the last decade. Our Wearable UV Awareness system can help people to deal with this and other effects of the sun. The talk focusses on the challenges of designing and producing truly integrated wearable sensors. Moreover, we will present our approach to reach end users in a new and quickly evolving market.

- Dacadoo, Yago Veith
Head of Digital Marketing @dacadoo #QuantifiedSelf Future Ambassador. Photographer. Online since Netscape v2. Quatringual. Stay hungry, stay foolish!

About his talk: QuantifiedSelf with the Health Score and dacadoo lifestyle navigation. Software and devices. A user journey.

- digitalMedLab, Andreas Lorenz
Andreas is Co-Founder and Managing Partner Technology at “Achtgrad AG – Digital Excellence“, a digital agency established 2000 (first as dctrl interactive media gmbh) in Zurich, Switzerland, who creates software with beautiful interfaces, engaging experiences and sophisticated simplicity. In 2011 he co-founded the Spin-off and mobile health Startup digitalMedLab GmbH who develops the mHealth solution +WoundDesk. He will talk about „mobile in professional healthcare“.

- iGrowDigital, Florian Schumacher
Florian is founder and organizer of Quantified Self Germany, supporting QS groups and activities all over Germany, for people interested in self tracking and self knowledge, personal data, health, well-being and future technologies.


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