MoMo #39: Mobile R&D and Innovation

MoMo #39:

Mobile R&D and Innovation

Date: 1st of December 2014

Venue: Université de Genève – CUI, Battelle bâtiment A, 7 route de Drize, 1227 Carouge

Start time: 18h00
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Every entrepreneur in the mobile sector knows that innovation is a key point to include in the global business strategy, that it is what allows the company to grow or to differentiate from the competitors, and sometimes even to survive. But how to innovate when you don’t have an R&D department, when you don’t have the necessary money to invest, and when you are not strong enough to protect your future innovations? It’s possible. And any mobile entrepreneur, no matter how big his business his, can do it. During this Mobile Monday, some entrepreneurs will show you how they make profit from their mobile innovation. And before that the University of Geneva will explain how to set up a research project and be founded to realize it. In other words, how to get your mobile R&D offered to you!
And we will have the chance to have a presentation of what Mobile Innovation brings into an elderly home in Geneva.

List of speakers:

Dr Michel Deriaz, R&D Project Manager at the TaM group of University of Geneva:
After an engineer degree in telecommunications and a master in computer science, Michel Deriaz did a PhD in economic and social sciences. He spent then three years in the industry before coming back at University as R&D Project Manager. Among his main realizations there are FoxyTag, a worldwide speed camera warning system with thousands of users, and FoxyTour, a museum and city guide that adapts automatically to the preferences of its user. He likes different kinds of sports including diving, skiing or hiking, and is member of some professional associations like the SEA (Swiss Entrepreneur Association) and the CREG (Centre de Rencontre des Entrepreneurs – Genève). He used to finance his studies by working as a trainer for private institutions as well as for the police where he taught cryptology and computer security.

In his talk, Michel will explain how to set up a research project and be founded to realise it. How to bring innovation to your current business without taking financial risks.

Donato Cereghetti, psychologist and ergonomist (MSc, MSc) at Maison de Retraite du Petit-Saconnex:
After a Master in Psychology and in Learning and Teaching Technologies, Donato is currently working as a project manager and ergonomist at the “Maison de Retraite du Petit-Saconnex” (MRPS, Geneva). He’s currently participating in two research and development projects: Miraculous-LIfe (FP7) and EDLAH (AAL). Interested in user-consumer-centred approach, he’s also pursuing a master’s in Sensory Evaluation at the University of Lyon.

In his presentation, Donato will show – with an MRPS end-user – how ICT based solutions can support older adults in their homes and increasing their degree of independency.
The structure of ages in Europe is changing rapidly. In Switzerland the aging of the population continues from year to year: the share of seniors (aged 65 or over) is also expected to rise to 28% in 2060; fostering the emergence of new needs and new challenges for the health care system. Older adults of today and especially of tomorrow will live longer, be more active and desire a life without dependency.

Vincent Matringe, European Sales Director at OnYourMap:
Vincent is responsible for the product management of a cutting-edge technology enabling OnYourMap’s customers to embed indoor location in their applications. Previously he managed an engineering team working in the field of web application development. Vincent has graduated from an engineering school and a MBA. He is passionate by Mountaineering where he spends most of his free time.

In his talk, Vincent will present the application he built for an exhibition located in Switzerland, focusing on the Indoor Location technology and the added-value the mobile application brought to his customers.

Christof Roduner, CCO and co-founfer of Scandit:
Christof Roduner is responsible for Scandit’s backend infrastructure and general operations. Before founding Scandit, Christof was a researcher at ETH Zurich and MIT, where he worked on Internet of Things-related projects with industry partners such as Deutsche Telekom, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo and SAP. Prior to his research career, Christof had his own company that built and marketed a CRM software, and he later headed the Internet business at a Zurich-based IT company. Christof is also a co-founder of Fosstrak, the leading open-source RFID software platform that implements the EPC Network specification and is used in RFID projects at Orange/FranceTelecom, SAP, TCS and many others. Christof studied computer science and business administration at the University of Zurich and the University of Uppsala and holds an MSc from the University of Zurich, a PhD from ETH Zurich (both in computer science). He has a passion for scalable server infrastructures and web technologies

In this talk, we will discuss the challenges of implementing real-time image processing approaches on smartphones and outline some of the lessons learned. We will discuss software architectures, how to support a heterogenous device landscape as well as suitable test and QA approaches.

Stéphane Cheikh, Innovation Manager at SITA Lab:
Within SITA Lab, Stephane is managing several technology research projects for the airline & airport industry. He has led disruptive innovations like the first augmented reality mobile application displaying airline deals, the fist in-flight mobile application with British Airways and the first Social Network Booking Engine on Facebook. Lastly he launched the first wearable trial in the travel industry using Google Glass with Virgin Atlantic.

His talk will talk about Internet of Things and iBeacons. Stephane will present how iBeacons are used within airports and by airlines. You will be able to learn more about beacon technology and its benefits for customers.

Sylvain Egger, Product Manager at Morphean SA:
Sylvain is in charge of the Product Management of VIDEOPROTECTOR, the flagship product of Morphean SA. Before leading the product, he was a software engineer specialized in the world of the video and web. He acquired a solid experience in the hosted video system during 5 years at Softcom Technologies SA between 2007 and 2011. From there, he started the development of the hosted video platform VIDEOPROTECTOR with the Morphean team before turning as Technical Product Manager within years.

In his talk, Sylvain will reveal how it’s challenging to enter in the world of the video surveillance with a high level of security with mobile application connected on a cloud based service.


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