MoMo #40: Mobile Context-Driven Marketing

Date: 27th April 2015 (Monday!)
Location: Evernote EMEA, Walchestrasse 9, 8006 Zürich (5 minutes walking distance from Zürich Main station)

Explore the fusion of traditional marketing (offline) channels with the latest mobile technologies in creating and delivering personalised, impactful marketing messages based on context aware, individual, historic and location based information. Showcase leading edge practitioners as well as leading edge technology providers in creating the forefront in Digital Mobile Marketing. Discuss the impact of the evolution of enabling technologies such as iBeacons, analytics and how it will impact sectors such as retail from a vendor and consumer perspective.


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Intro Slides:


- Manuel Marquina, Team Leader, Evernote Business EMEA, Evernote

Evernote’s presentation:

Manuel is a technology trends and productivity expert who has been managing customer relationships for the past 10 years. At Evernote, he leads the EMEA Customer Success and Evernote Business team out of Evernote’s European headquarters in Zurich. His role includes account management, customer support and liaison, as well as business and market development. Immersed in the world of digital communication and corporate productivity, Manuel maintains an extensive understanding of the market. In his current role, Manuel works with companies like Freitag, Publicis, Uber and Swisscom to support them in their quest to maintain the start-up magic and maximise productivity and efficiency across the entire company.

His talk: A smarter Business

Office productivity is there to help you achieve your life’s work, but it stucks in a world that’s almost as old as personal computing. During the presentation, we will dig into new ways of working, explore how modern workspaces need to adapt, and highlight the importance of connecting knowledge.


- Christian Vuithier, Director Digital, Mindshare AG

Mindshare’s presentation:

Christian looks back on more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record in digital marketing. Christian joined Mindshare Switzerland in December 2012. He is a member of the board of Mindshare Switzerland and leads the digital unit, where mobile plays more and more an important role.

His talk: Mindshare – A sharing of insights of the emerging digital and mobile ad space, including key drivers, technologies and business opportunities.


- Richard Otto, Founder, Mobile-Marketing Netherlands

Otto’s presentation:

Since 2005 Richard Otto is active in the mobile marketing industry. He is responsive for mobile app development, mobile website, consultancy projects, marketing researches and mobile marketing campaigns for companies such as Vodafone, Univé Insurance and ABN AMRO. In 2007 he started the Linkedin Group: ‘Mobile Marketing & -Advertising’ that has grown to 170.000 members. In 2010 he started the Dutch newsblog ‘’, that is acquired by the B2B publisher Adfo Groep in 2013. After working for several agencies and publishers he started his own mobile marketing consultancy agency ‘Mobile Marketing Nederland’. He supports startups and other companies and writes several marketing books.

His talk: Richard will present several market-research studies he’s performed in the last year towards companies and consumers, to illustrate people’s perceptions on mobile-advertising evaluate its potential, and share key learnings/points to be aware of for companies with a mobile-presence.


- Sanne Stijve, Senior Engagement Manager,Mobile Broadband, Ericsson AG

Sanne’s presentation :

With his extensive expertise in mobile access technologies, Sanne helps operators across Europe with the evolution of their GSM, 3G and LTE networks: how to cope with ever-increasing demand for capacity, how to improve speeds and performance, how to maximise revenues and reduce OPEX, how to migrate to LTE Advanced and 5G are among his favourite topics.

His talk: Enabling Location-Based Services.

What are the available underlying mobile positioning methods and how can consumer-demand services like e.g. search, mapping, navigation and location-based advertising benefit from it?

- Roger Lüchinger, Founder, Smartfactory GmbH

8-9 years experience in mobile-marketing starting with SMS-based campaigns, followed by Mobile-App development in various roles at MobileTechnics, NZZ, and Swisscom. Deep knowledge both technically and commercially in how cross-media campaigns and apps are really used by customers. Founder of Smartfactory an agency specialising in mobile-apps, sites and the application of any technology relevant to cross-media marketing.

His talk: Roger will discuss the latest experiences with iBeacon and similar technologies, their exciting potential and the reality of what’s actually possible when deploying in real life use-cases


- Rui de Freitas, Head of Realtime Advertising at Tamedia

Rui is a realtime advertising expert with experience from the early days of RTB and joined last year Tamedia as Head of Realtime Advertising and Yield Management to enable all Tamedia’s advertising product to be available in realtime.

His talk:Mobile in Realtime :
In an environment where people access mobile in so different contexts it is important to embrace advertising in realtime through Realtime Advertising systems. Rui will give some insights on what is possible today and what is coming…


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