MoMo #7: Making Money on Mobile

Date: Monday May 4, 2009,
Location: Swisscom Innovation Center, Ostermundigenstrasse 93, 3006

Topic: Making Money on Mobile
A few business models are successful for mobile software and mobile services. We will investigate all possible models including app stores, advertising, download/entrance fees (premium SMS), recurring payments (monthly subscriptions), micro-payment, walled-garden revenue sharing and combination with non-mobile services and products. Case studies from economics, politics and entertainment/sports will be presented.
Format: Slides here

  1. At the beginning of the meeting, the speakers introduced you to different approaches.
  2. A panel debate by the speakers challenged by questions from the moderator.
  3. Interactive questions from the audience fueled our debate

Who attended : see the participants list


Alexander Schí¼mperli
CEO, ePark24 AG
The development of mobile payment system has become more publicity after the announcement of the Swiss MNO in March. Alexander Schí¼mperli presents a “Proven Business Model – ‘einfach bezahlen’ – Managing the Mobile Enterprise”. The daily challenges between usability and transaction volume.
Alexander is one of the co-founder of ePark24 AG, a Swiss mobile payment start-up he launched in 2007. Today ePark24 AG is a leading provider of mobile payment and mobile services solutions in Switzerland. The company’s latest mobile payment service “ePay24″ introduces a ready-to-use mobile payment service.

Fabio Magagna
mBusiness Lab
ETH Zurich
My slides give an overview of the literature describing business models for companies that do business in the digital world.
Fabio is a Doctoral candidate at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) at the mBusiness lab of the Chair of Management of Information Systems. Fabio was involved in several mobile prototype cases and also in mobile start-up projects (e.g. kooaba AG).

John Riordan
Swisscom Innovations
Direct mobile marketing using couponing gives the customer: money instrument in the hand to buy something; allows the retailer to directly target the customers they want and measure the success based on redemption.

John launched Swisscoms web presence, VoIP offering Surfcall and Bluewin Video chat. He is active in the mobile application space since 2000. Projects included mobile friend-finder and chat, friendzone, Swisscom pocket PC applications. He also developed mobile banking-remittance, product recognition service, direct marketing and couponing service.

Simon Kunnos
The model which we are promoting to our customers is to make use of the “invisible” social networks existing in their customer base. The business model can be called a Community Model making use of Social Networks.

Simon is an international sales and business development executive in the ICT area.

Mark Forster
onEmotion AG
Mobile and Mobile Advertising are in demand. Mark Forster whio was absent due to the flu pandemic sent slides to outline where we currently stand in Switzerland. It showed why and how Mobile allows for targeted, innovative and successful Advertising.

Mark has been working with mobile and interactive media since 1999/2000 when he started launching mobile campaigns for Mars/M&M´s. In 2006, he founded OnEmotion which is specialized in mobile advertising. He holds an MBA degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG).

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