MoMo #9: Security in mobile

When: Monday October 5, 2009, registration opens 18:00 (program begins at 18:30) to 21:00
Aula, Berner Fachhochschule
Quellgasse 21,




Why should users and developers care about security and privacy ? Users expect that private information will remain confidential or controlled access, that transactions will be secure and that no malicious code will enter their handsets. Developers care about the impact security has on their business model and the implications on application design.

But handsets can easily be lost, stolen or left unprotected. Mobile information access increases the exposure of private information. And the number of applications and open operating systems increases the risk of malicious code entering devices. In the past some coordinated approaches have been proposed by GSM Association, OMTP and as part of mobile payment initiatives. Some of the key points covered in this meeting include:

*Â Protection from fraud and malicious applications
* Quality and accountability of mobile applications
* Trust in mobile platforms and devices
* Secure business transactions
* Authenticate users
* Facilitated certification to reduce barriers for developers
* Consistency across OS platforms and operators.

Format for this meeting: After a few presentations, a round table will be organized on most relevant topics to be addressed.


Claude Florin
Marketing Manager
Claude Florin is Marketing Manager at HP´s Communications and media solutions. He focuses on emerging applications worldwide with an interest on multimedia user experiences, end-user segmentation. He has experience in mobile broadband video, VoIP and group communications . He is a founder of EPFL alumni’s A3 Angels club supporting start-ups and holds an MSEE degree from the EPFL .
Blog, About HP Communications and Media Solutions

Invited Speakers

Allain Rollier, VP
Alain Rollier is founder, executive VP at AXSionicsis. Will discuss challenges of digital identity in the e-society. He will discuss the business benefit of protection from identity theft with the example of biometric security solutions. Alain has 10 years experience in innovation management, business development and technology transfer of high tech companies. He holds a postgraduate degree in economy from the University of St.Gallen.
momo09-Laurent_FilliatLaurent Filliat,
Laurent Filliat is VP Stategy at Cidway Security , a swiss company leader in mobile security. Cidway is active in several industry sectors such as Banking, Entertainment, Telecoms, Government & Corporate Access. Laurent is an experienced consultant in Management & Strategy in Banking & Telecoms, having spent many years advising large mobile carriers and banks on Mobile Payment. He has been a founder and CEO of a firm providing e-banking solutions to the private banking sector.Laurent Filliat holds an MSc. in Telecommunications from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD.


momo09-Rosa_DelgadoRosa Delgado, Director,
Rosa Delgado, Director at WISeKey SA, and active with the International Organization for the Security of Electronic Transactions (OISTE). She served as trustee at Internet Society and is former Director of Internet at SITA. Previously she worked as expert for UNDP and ITU to assist telecoms organizations regarding policies and deployment of internet services.Slides hereProfile
To be anounced Presenters will be anounced in the domain of information privacy protection, in the context of mobile web applications

Who is coming : see the participants list


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