MoMo #12: Web and mobile convergence: Android applications

When: February 1st , 2010 18:00 (program begins at 18:30) to 21:00

Location: HES-SO, Boulevard de Pérolles 80, CH-1705 Fribourg. Auditorium B30.20




Mobile and web are converging. How will new platforms like Android benefit from this convergence? Will the new platforms, such as Android facilitate mobile-web convergence and eventually replace the existing options? What are the available Android devices in 2010 and what kind of new devices should we expect: smartphones, net-books, machine to machine communications ? And what is the technical evolution of Android and Chrome platforms?

Format for this meeting: Presentations by experts will be followed by interactive discussions. We will have Android demonstrations and information provided by the invited speakers.


Eric Gagnaux, MNG Europe

Invited Speakers

MoMo#12 Android
Technical and business strategies for Android
Panel debate with the audience at the end of the presentation.
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Lars Weisswange
Jakob Feyissa, HTC
HTC devices for Android
Jakob works at HTC Europe. HTC has worked with Google in the development of the Nexus One. It runs Android 2.1 with key enhancements such as the car dock mode to optimize the Google Maps Navigation experience while driving and the clock mode to offer a practical desk clock with quick access to the alarm clock, music player and multimedia gallery.
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Xavier Bertschy

Xavier Bertschy,
Xavier is at the head of this web and multimedia agency, specialising in web content management, their usability and their accessibility on all screens. He is also the founder of , a cityguide online which can find all local information in regards to leisure and entertainment, all under one minute, 24/7
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Jorg Pleumann
Jí¶rg Pleumann,
Noser Engineering
Android – the philosophy, the ecosystem
Dr. Jí¶rg Pleumann is a technical lead at Noser Engineering AG and a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance. In this role, he led Noser’s contributions to the Android core Java libraries and to the Android compatibility checking efforts. He has been involved in mobile and embedded Java since 2001 and has contributed to a number of related open-source projects.The presentation will cast a light on the philosophy behind platform, the growing ecosystem and the technology underlying the platform.
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Robertas Jasaitis
Robertas Jasaitis,
Benefits of an Android platform from a developer perspective
Robertas is a software engineer at TeleSoftas, he will present Android platform and architecture, how does it differs from other platforms, how can it facilitate and speed up a development process and ease a life of developer, what cool features can be easily implemented, what applications and ideas can be implemented using web-converging features and API’s
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Mario Ramalho

Mario Ramalho, Infoteam
Web&Mobile Solutions at Infoteam
Mario is manager of the team Web & Mobile at Infoteam. The team Web & Mobile develop Internet, Intranet and Mobile solutions and have a experience on the Google Android Platform. We develop for a news application that is available on the android market. is an enterprise of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). Its role is to inform Swiss living abroad about events in their homeland and to raise awareness of Switzerland in other countries. The application is available in 8 languages, support a new gesture concept and offline mode synchronization.
You can have more information at and at
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Thanks to our event sponsors who are helping us making this event free.
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