MoMo #16: Near Field Communication (NFC)

New: Uploaded slides available below.

MobileMonday #16

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Took place on Monday June 7, 2010 in UAS Northwest Switzerland, Brugg-Windisch (map, situation plan)

Topic: Near Field Communication: Technology and Applications

Format:Short presentations by experts will be followed by interactive discussions.

Who attended : see the participants list


A recent report launched by KPMG and ETH has have shown how new mobile payment processing and ticketing processes are used at Swiss companies (Mobile Contactless Payment and Mobile Ticketing)

At this MoMo Event #16 we want to approach NFC from various directions: Technology, security, business models and possible applications in the field of mobile contactless payment, mobile ticketing, mobile access, mobile marketing etc. The technology is ready and NFC technology based services for the mobile phone have been emerged, still we are awaiting the big rollout of these products and services.

In this MoMo event we want to give a summary about where we are:

  • What are the experiences of running field tests?
  • Which new devices will be available supporting NFC?

New: Uploaded slides available below.


MirzaNick Mirza

The Human Chain Ltd

Nick Mirza works since 2009 as Business Development Manager at “The Human Chain Ltd”. There he is working with partners that are moving towards launching mobile services with NFC. Before that position Nick was working at Nokia and worked as Business Development Manager for NFC Consumer Services.In his presentation Nick will focus on NFC experiences in Europe and talk on recent projects in the field of transport and payment. Slides

ThalerThomas Thaler

Trueb AG

Thomas Thaler is CTO of Trueb AG and responsible for innovation, research and development. Trueb is the leading international manufacturer and supplier of smart cards and one of the leading providers of access solutions and e-ticketing.In his presentation Thomas Thaler will talk about the role of Trueb as TSM in the NFC ecosystem and the technological challenges on the way to being a TSM. Slides

GreberRoland Greber

PostFinance AG

Roland Greber is working as product manager in the field of m-payment at PostFinance. He has an in-depth know-how about “plastic money”, e-payment, mobile-payment and NFC.In his presentation Roland Greber will look at NFC from a user and card holder point of view and share the experiences PostFinance made with mobile payment. Slides

RaymondGeoffroy Raymond

Tegona SA

Geoffroy Raymond is CEO at Tegona SA. Tegona is specialized in software development of secure applications for smartcard systems, NFC devices and the Internet of things. The company is involved in public and private worldwide projects.In his presentation Geoffroy will talk about a ticketing project in the football field which is based on NFC technology. The focus of this project is on access control. The first pilot will start in July with a major African football club. Slides

StoeckerOliver Stí¤cker

Transformer Werbeagentur AG

Oliver is co-founder and creative director of the Transformer Werbeagentur AG. Transformer is a advertising agency based in Zurich. Since 2007 Transformer runs for crossmedia purposes the inhouse unit “transformer mobile lab” with a strong focus on mobile tools and mobile marketing.In his presentation Oliver shows how NFC could boost mobile marketing and mobile commerce. He will discuss whether and where NFC is superior to other mobile marketing technologies as bar codes and bluetooth. Slides

alexanderschuemperliAlexander Schí¼mperli

CEO, ePark24 AG

Alexander Schí¼mperli is the CEO of e24 AG. e24 has a strong focus on mobile services (mobile payment, mobile access, mobile ticketing). e24 enabled mobile parking with many partners and implemented a solution for mobile ticketing with the Pizolbahnen.Alexander will give a presentation of “touch’n’pay”, a field test for self service shopping implemented by e24 and its partners. The “touch’n’pay” self shopping process supports access out of hours, automatic product recording and mobile payment. Slides

GruntzDominik Gruntz

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz

Dominik Gruntz is professor for Software Design and Architecture at the Institute for Mobile and Distributed Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. Together with Noser Engineering he participated in the development of the Android core libraries. Recently he supported e24 in the development of their NFC field test.Dominik will look under the hood of the touch’n’pay solution and present details on how NFC applications may be implemented on a Java phone and how the secure transmission of payment data to the server can be implemented. Slides

New: Uploaded slides available above.

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