MoMo #4: Mobile trends in 2009

When : February 2, 2009

Where: Alpha-Palmiers, Lausanne

The panelists and participants of this meeting debated some trends which will impact players in the mobile industry. Some of the trends discussed :

  • Applications : one one hand it will be a hard time to innovate, on the other hand the percentage of investment in applications will exceed that in infrastructure. Application innovation does not require so much telecom innovation, it’s more a matter of using better what is available (GPRS, SMS, etc…). Although one would argue that improvements in latency are critical to applications such as games and that was brought by 3G and will improve with LTE.
  • Devices : Fragmentation of operating systems and innovation in devices will remain – but perhaps less on smart devices than on lower cost ones – research indicates that consumers will rather cut other expenses than mobile phones.
  • Marketing and commerce : on-line shopping benefits from consumers having a need to find better deals – but this could play against mobile impulse buy behavior – social shopping seemed to be a good potential
  • Advertising : are telecoms operators really generating advertising revenue today ? is the growth of on-line/mobile advertising compensate the overall advertising budget decline ? is the best play for mobile advertising to complement TV/press/billboard with additional services (for example QR-codes enabled adds )
  • Technology : 4G LTE will be delayed as much as 3G has been. Not before 5 years ?
  • Identity and trust : there are growing concerns among consumers in sharing profiles and digital foot print. Yet this is the foundation of cool social networking services or practical location-based or operator-enhanced services. Both technical standards and ethical/legal guidelines are required.
  • Nobody saw green-telecoms as a major trend. Perhaps handset will be recyclable (they contain all elements of Mendeleev table); base stations will be solar-powered; IT infrastructure will be co-located with power stations. And perhaps telecoms applications already reduce transportation and logistic energy consumption and may one day help regulate energy consumption in homes.



Claude Florin
Marketing Manager

5 mobile trends (Presentation here)
Claude Florin is Marketing Manager at HP´s Communications and media solutions. He focuses on emerging applications worldwide with an interest on multimedia user experiences, end-user segmentation. He has experience in mobile broadband video, VoIP and group communications . He contributed to service infrastructure deployments in Europe, Asia and Americas. Previously he was HP’s R&D Manager responsible for European Commission research programs. He worked in music and TV production. He is a founder of EPFL alumni’s A3 Angels club supporting start-ups.
He holds an MSEE degree from the EPFL .
Blog, About HP Communications and Media Solutions

Jean-Pierre Hubaux,
Professor, Lab Director,

Mobile trends
Jean-Pierre Hubaux is a full professor at EPFL where is research focuses on wireless networks, with a special interest in security and cooperation issues.
He is one of the driving forces with the Mobile Information and Communication Systems (MICS) NCCR. In 2003, he identified the security of vehicular networks as one of the main research challenges for real-world mobile ad hoc networks. He is the co-author of the textbook Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks, and he is a member of the Federal Communications Commission (ComCom), the “Swiss FCC”.

Roger Lagadec,
CTO me2me

Mobile trends
Roger Lagadec works at Swisscom Strategy & Innovations. In the past 3 years, he has focused on a new generation of voice-and-Web services, leading to the creation of me2me AG, a Swisscom-originated start-up. He has worked in research, management, and product innovation; with Studer-Revox, Sony, and Swisscom; and in Switzerland, Germany, the US and Japan.
He holds an engineer’s degree and PhD from the ETH Zurich.

Christine Perey
PEREY Research & Consulting

Mobile trends (Presentation here)
Christine is an evangelist, industry analyst and independent consultant focusing on mobile social networking and mobile mixed and augmented reality for consumer applications, and machine learning-based advanced technologies for virtual business meetings. She is a catalyst for change and advancement in these domains; her passion is developing new opportunities for widespread adoption of emerging technologies and services that will profoundly change how people live and work in the future. She chairs W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking and serves as an advisor to industry.
Web, email:

Matthias Sala

Mobile trends
Matthias is founder and CEO of Gbanga, a mobile multi-player trans-reality game start-up he launched in 2006. Previously he was a researcher at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) on a project for targeted mobile advertising. He is the winner of the second prize in Sentient Future Competition with a vision for an intelligent waste management system based on RFID. Recently, he organized a SuperHappyDevFlat in Zurich and the StartupCamp Switzerland in Basel.
He holds an MSc in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, where he studied ubiquitous computing, distributed networks and pervasive gaming.
Email : Blog About Gbanga

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